Meet the Bee-fit Team

Tina Le Merle

Tina Le Merle with RoddyTina has always loved children and with a passion for health & fitness, she is our fully qualified Aerobic Instructor. After having her own children, Tina decided she wanted to be able to look after them full time but also have a career that would benefit the whole family. Whilst searching for groups to take her children to, Tina realised there was a huge gap in children’s fitness so she  qualified as a children’s fitness coach and has never looked back. Bee-fit and Tina have been together for 14 years.

Tina says “I love coaching the classes and get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement seeing the children having so much fun and improving their skills.”

Tina has: DBS Certificate, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, OCR Certificate in teaching of health related fitness for children, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Exercise to Music OCR level 2 NVQ

Jo Claydonjo_claydon face painting

Jo has been lucky enough to have had lots of experience working with children. She started out as a Red Coat and Childrens’ Entertainer followed by six years overseas as a Childrens’ Rep for Cosmos Holidays. Now she has her own mini-club of two at home!

Becoming a mum brought her a new perspective! Bee-fit is not only fun and energetic for the children, it provides quality time to learn, bond and share. Jo has worked with Bee-fit for 11 years and is also employed by Southdown Leisure as a Creche worker.

Jo has: DBS Certificate, Paediatric First Aid Certificate.

David Nortondavid-norton working fro Bee-fit

David is an an actor and drama specialist who is lucky enough to spend most of his working life playing games and being silly! He has a background in working with schools and nurseries so  understands how important play is for young and old alike.

David first heard of Bee-fit when he went along with his daughter to one of their parties. It was so much fun that he thought “if I ever got the chance to work with them I would”. He did get his chance and now plays games for Bee-fit at after school clubs and parties and helps others to join in and have fun. David has worked with Bee-fit now for 7 years.

David has: DBS Certificate, First Aid at Work.

Mandy Sangar

Mandy has two sons and has worked with Bee-fit for 13 years she is also working as a Care Worker

Mandy has: DBS Certificate, First Aid at Work

Helen Cox

Helen has: DBS Certificate, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, OCR level 2 in fitness for children, BTEC National Diploma in child care, Exercise to Music OCR level 2 NVQ

Kina Garratt

Kina has: DBS Certificate, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, certificate in childcare and early years education (level 3)

Panha Morgan

Panha has: DBS Certificate, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, Level 3 Certificate in childcare and early years education, Pre-level 1 Coaching Gymnastics

Mr MusclesMr-Muscles-in-Bee-fit-T-shirt

Mr Muscles has been with Bee-fit from the very start and is a key member of the team.

Mr Muscles plays an important role in comforting the children who attend our fun fitness sessions as well as our Children’s Parties. He’s also been known to carry equipment and help set up although he’s no good at making tea or coffee, unless you like honey in yours!

If you have any comments you can contact him at:

Mr BumbleMr Bumble cheered by the crowds

Mr Bumble is a self-confessed, almost reformed, honey addict.

Mr Bumble met Mr Muscles at an HA meeting where Mr Muscles had been volunteering. Mr Muscles most recently appeared in a number of Blockbuster movies including ‘Honey, I Stung the Kids’, and alongside top Hollywood stars including Buzz Lightly. His early career was in music appearing at sell out concerts performing above the Bee Gees and, prior to that, providing backing harmonics on Jimmie Rodgers’ 1965 hit ‘Honeycomb’.

Your Event and Mr Bumble

If you have a summer event, fete or school fayre and you would like Mr Bumble and Bee-fit to attend, please contact us. Mr Bumble is always keen to get out & buzz about during the summer!!