Bee-fit Parties – a fabulous, fun filled party

We love to party and will keep your children entertained and ensure they have a great time. We have been providing parties since 2004 and also work with pre-school children and in schools during the week so we know what children love.

We offer disco parties and fun fitness parties which we will add any favourite songs, games and any theme eg Superhero, Unicorn, Space, Princess, Pirate, animals, under the sea, Halloween, Christmas etc. Two themes which are particularly popular are football parties and pyjama parties.

Bee-fit Children's Parties

Included in all our parties are:

  • Music and lights
  • Parachute games
  • Bubbles
  • Action songs
  • Pass the parcel
  • Limbo
  • Musical games
  • Balloons
  • Games
  • Equipment
  • A medal for the birthday child


Disco Parties

A Bee-fit disco is packed with fun party games, music and lights, action songs, bubbles, balloons, pass the parcel, parachute and more. We guarantee loads of energy and fun filled making it a party to be remembered.

  • A disco party is suitable for 4-12 years of age

Fun fitness Parties

A fun fitness party is aimed more for younger children and for those who prefer more games than dancing. The structure is the same but we bring some equipment for the children to be able to have some free play still with music playing. Depending on the age of the children we add some singing and will add their favourite songs.

  • A Fun fitness party is suitable for 1 – 7 years

Football parties

We have developed our football parties so that they can be enjoyed by everyone with or without previous football experience. We play football related games – parachute football, bubbles, musical football, messy bedrooms and more. If possible we would go outside and have a short game and a penalty shoot out. For any children that don’t want to play football we provide equipment for them to play with so that they don’t miss out. We all come together for more parachute and balloons etc

  1. A football party is suitable for 3-8 years

Pyjama Parties

Our pretend sleep over parties are held during the day but encourage the children to come dressed in their pyjamas and can bring a soft toy. We have so much fun making the bed (parachute), having a bubble bath, controlled pillow fight, pass the slipper, midnight feast (party food which we don’t supply), messy bedrooms game, “what’s the time sleepy head”, musical beds and much more

  • A pyjama party is suitable for 4-12 years

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