Please read the following terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you and your child get the most from your Bee-fit Classes

These conditions refer to Bee-fits fun fitness classes.  For Parties please refer to the Bee-fit Party Terms and Conditions

Clothes and Footwear suitable for Classes

Children should dress comfortably as they will be moving, singing, sitting on our mats and participating in a wide variety of activities. Suitable shoes, coats and hats should be supplied for the occasions when children are involved in outdoor activities.

Please remove your footwear before entering the activity area. Children should be barefoot or wear non-slip socks, gymnastics slippers with rubber soles or house shoes.

Class Timing

Parents/Carers should arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement time of the class and to sign the class attendance sheet. We suggest your child goes to the toilet before the class starts to avoid missing the fun.

Your Child’s Health

For the consideration of all, please do not bring a sick child to class. If your child has contracted a contagious illness, please inform us immediately. Please check with your doctor and take advise before returning to class. Should your child be injured or fall ill during class our coaches are trained in first aid but are NOT permitted to administer medication.

Any relevant medical history, ailments, injuries or special needs your child has must be disclosed to Bee-fit and your Bee-fit coaches prior to class commencement. Even though parents/carers accompany and stay with children at the class your coach may need to adjust the planned activities to ensure they are inclusive for all the group.

Your Feedback about our Service

It is our goal to continuously improve our service to you. We welcome and value your feedback and suggestions. Please talk to any of the Bee-fit coaches, if you prefer email or call us. We’d appreciate if this cancellation could include feedback for the cancellation so that we can ensure that we are providing a quality service at all times.

Insurance for your Protection

We will do our utmost to ensure the safety of your child during the preschool Fun Fitness classes. However, we are not responsible for accidents on the way to/from or during the Class. We do however carry £10 million Public Liability Insurance for your protection.

Photography and your Child

From time to time, Bee-fit publishes pictures or video on our Website and general marketing communications. Parents agree that pictures of their children therefore may be taken and used for these purposes. It is Bee-fit’s policy to avoid using pictures that will lead to recognition of children at risk and names of the children will not be published. Please speak to us if you have any concerns

Your Privacy and Our Records

Bee-fit values you as a customer and respects your privacy. We may collect certain personally identifiable information when you register your child in a Bee-fit class. Bee-fit uses customer information solely to fulfil requests for our services and notify you of new services, special events and promotions. Bee-fit will not sell, share or rent your personally identifiable information to any third party.

Cancelling your Bee-fit Class Booking

If for any reason you wish to cancel your registration in any of Bee-fit’s Fun Fitness Classes, we require 30 days prior notice. Any paid-fees will be pro-rated and the remaining fees refunded.