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Cake – Eat at the Party or Take Away?

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Birthday Cake. Should it be eaten at the Birthday Party or taken away in a party bag?

The Birthday cake yum yum. Bee-fit attend lots of children’s parties so we thought we would share our thoughts with you.

At a lot of parties the cake is brought out in time to sing Happy Birthday then just as quickly whisk ied away to be cut up into neat little portions and wrapped in a napkin to go in the party bags. From experience these pieces of cake then end up all over the car or go hard in a kitchen cupboard.

Having spent hours making the cake shouldn’t they be on display at the party for everyone to admire? Then cut up and enjoyed at the table (also saving money on other sweet treats). We have been to a few parties where it’s family tradition and it works really well. The kids love having the cake at the table.

What do you think? No pressure if you already have a party booked ha ha ha

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