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Fitness Facts

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A Few Facts about Our Fitness

Did you know?…….

  • Six out of ten men and seven out of ten women are not active enough to benefit their health
  • Regular exercise will help weight loss, tone muscles, give you more energy, release tension & give you some “you time”
  • Three out of ten boys and four out of ten girls are not meeting the recommended hour a day of physical activity for children, Activity in childhood helps healthy growth and development
  • Evidence shows that individuals who are active as children are more likely to be active adults
  • Physically active people have 20-30% reduced risk of premature death and up to 50% reduced risk of major chronic disease such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer
  • The Argus newspaper reported that one in eight children are too fat, a third of two to fifteen year olds are dangerously overweight.
  • Children who are overweight are more likely to get diabetes or heart disease in later life.
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  • Being active burns calories, so it can help you lose weight. It is also very important if you have lost weight and want to keep it off

Some benefits of being active:

  1. Better health
  2. Helps tone the body, so you look slimmer
  3. Less stress and more confidence
  4. You’ll be able to keep up with friends and family
  5. Need not cost anything
  6. Can easily become part of your daily routine
  7. A social and fun way to catch up with friends
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