postnatal exercise mother and baby class

Classes for Mothers with Babies 6 weeks old +

Our Babyfit classes are designed for you to regain fitness after child birth. The class begins with a 30 minute postnatal session paying special attention to those areas that may have been neglected during pregnancy. We exercise around the babies who are in mats with plenty of stimulating toys. If any babies are unsettled we encourage parents to go to them and show them how they can hold their babies as part of the exercises.

After our exercise we all sit and sing songs together and have time to talk to each other about our experiences.

This is a great class to regain fitness, meet other parents and have have fun.

Postnatal Exercise – The Benefits

If you’re not sure whether you should exercise after child birth, see below or contact Tina.

Postnatal exercise sessions should be specifically tailored to the exercise needs of new mums. Exercises designed to be effective and, above all, safe workouts.

It is unrealistic to expect that new mums will slip into that tight little black number just weeks after delivery but exercise will accelerate your postnatal recovery. You’ll not only benefit physically but emotionally as well, finding energy to see you through the day with baby.

  • Core Strength; increase stability and flatten your stomach with deep abdominal exercises
  • Pelvic Floor; your pelvic floor supports your bladder, bowel and uterus. Conditioning the Pelvic floor helps avoid incontinence and raise your libido
  • Energy levels; enhance that feeling of well being with exercise-induced endorphins, not to mention the social side of being with other new mums
  • Back Strength; learn correct techniques of lifting baby to reduce the risk of back prain as well as improving upper body strength
  • Fatburning; regular exercise raises your heart rate and helps fat burn

It’s important for new mum’s to get active with some postnatal exercise. The POGP produce this booklet, Fit & Safe: Exercise in the Child Bearing Years.

When & Where

Please see the Fitness Classes Calendar for current dates and times.

How Much

Contact Worthing Leisure Center for prices and to make your booking.