Surprise Visitor at Bee-fit’s Summer Picnic

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The Bee-fit summer Beach Party went ahead today at Goring Gap despite the weather threatening to stop the fun before it started. Thanks to everyone who came along & we hope you all had a great time.

The Bee-fitters took part in the sponsored Toddle-Walk in aid of Chestnut Tree House. We were so proud of you all and the job of collecting & counting up those donated pennies has begun.

We also had a surprise visit from Mr Muscles’ good friend Mr Bumble, who came along to lend his support. For those of you not familiar with his work Mr Bumble most recently appeared in a number of blockbuster movies including ‘Honey, I Stung the Kids’ and along side top Hollywood stars including Buzz Lightly. His early career was in music appearing at sell out concerts performing, reportedly, on stage with the Bee Gees and before that providing backing harmonics on Jimmie Rodgers’ 1965 hit ‘Honeycomb’.

We’re excited to announce that Mr Bumble has promised to join us at other summer events, diary permitting, so please come along and say hello

Mr Bumble at the Beach toddle Mr Bumble at the Bee-fit picnic Beach Toddle from Goring Gap

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